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Truck Wraps


Kayem was looking to enhance their usage of the trucking fleet with a more marketed solution rather than simple company identity. With my experience with options available in printing we reviewed design with an outside agency and developed a layout that encompassed the brands new look. In most cases design groups do not create pre-press ready design or charge increased fees to set artwork to production level. I was able to library the core files & redesign the initial creative to work in large format printing along with giving the cab wraps a true fire grilled look. Understanding print buying, I bid out, negotiated square foot print pricing and managed the full 16 Cab & Trailer installations in a short period of time starting at an initial budget of $140,000 and reducing this during the bidding down to a lower $90,000 final investment.


In our second phase of truck redesign I then took this a step further with a new framed system that offered us the ability to change out identities for marketing campaigns or events on a needed bases reducing cost of de-installation from earlier displays & also allowing Kayem to maximize its trucking fleet bill-boarding opportunities when desired.    


TrucK Wrap

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