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Brian Hazelton

Print Specialist • Graphic Designer



When telling a design story there is an awful lot I can discuss in detail. Rather than just rambling about everything to do with design, what’s important is the key message I'm trying to bring to my audience and most important is how do I grab their interest in just a few lines of text, an image or shape.

I think about this now even as I tell you about myself. I want you to know that I design with intent. I want my audience to see my design from afar, draw them in and then tell them a story of why they need to pick my design or remember where they've been from my work. I've grown as a designer too. I also understand design is business. Budget, business structure or manufacture type along with print allowances need attention in order to fit into the customer plan. I have years of experience with big and small companies, adapting to not only design but to find solutions, cost reductions in all areas of print media to take a holistic approach.

I have lived in N.E. my entire life. Within 1-4 hours I can be part of the inspiration that comes from large urban areas, rural country, peaceful mountain regions and seaside tranquility. All of these experiences give me boundless opportunity to tell a different story. I have worked for large and small companies. Those with multiple chains of thought to unique family business taking everything with passionate care.

I have learned to design with perspective, believe in team unity and to value supplier involvement in my print & design choices.

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