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Truck Wraps


Printing marketing materials these days can be quick business & most people will tell you that finding what you need is one simple click away on the IOT, but understanding these tools for business purposes or for manufacturing process you will not find many answers to getting it right with overnight orders. Working with trusted suppliers is key to making a successful campaign with coupons or other violators for promotional events with consumers. In Food, this is especially true in cold wet environments or shelf spaces along with how these are applied to lower labor cost. Working with many suppliers over the years I have reduced cost per unit by volume bundling orders between brands. Using Sigma supplier development I established on pack items that handled freezer & wet application, transit temperatures and non metallic specialty effects without metal detection concerns. We developed segmented solutions that could be tracked by brand components for analysis to later forecast customer response & also found ways to remove secondary labor application to prepare for easier plant  assembly. Security also became a main focus as we saw coupon fraud increase in market where we resolved to mitigate this with serial coded solutions & tamper evident print guards.


IRC's & Violaters

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